Even though our cats can’t speak the same language as us, they do show their love in their own special ways. Here are 10 ways your cat expresses “I love you”.

1. Kneading You

Kneading is the motion cats make by rhythmically alternating their paws, pushing in and out against a pliable, soft surface such as your lap. When kittens nurse, they instinctively knead on each side of the nipple in order to stimulate milk production. So, when your cat kneads it is because she associates the soft warmth with the comfort of her mother. This instinctive behavior is comforting to your kitty and can take her back to simpler times.

Another reason cats knead is to make a soft bed or clear a space to doze. Their ancestors did this with tall grass or leaves; they do it with your jeans. This tells you that she feels safe and protected by you.

Finally, your cat is also marking you as her territory. Your kitty has scent glands in her paws, so when she’s kneading you she’s also marking you as her personal human.

cat kneading

Credit: A.Davey / Flickr