Our favorite comrade the Crazy Russian Hacker has a new set of life hacks. This time, he’s using Ziplock bags, the kind typically used for temporarily storing food.

The hacks he covers are

  1. Using a Ziplock bag as a reusable ice pack, for putting on sprained joints and sore muscles, or to simply cool you down in summer. Great, cheap alternative to store bought gel packs.
  2. A low-tech technique to remove any unwanted air from the Ziplock bag when packing bacon for the freezer. The poor man’s alternative to an expensive vacuum sealer.
  3. An ingenious method of modding an ordinary plastic bag into your own Ziplock-like bag at home using a plastic bottle.
  4. Improvising your own non-leaking ice pack for a food cooler.
  5. Protecting your mobile phone and other small and sensitive devices. Storing your valuable items in a Ziplock can protect them from sand and water spray at the beach.
  6. A method to quick-freeze orange juice into a creamy slush. This is a cool way of making fruit juice sorbet without needing a blender.
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