In today’s installment of “damn nature you scary” we begin with a praying mantis that is struggling to walk and is behaving erratically. Probably injured from Kung Fu fighting because as we all know, Praying Mantises live the way of the warrior. So the cameraman performs a mercy killing by dousing the mantis in bug spray. The mantis then takes a moment to say it’s final prayer before joining its ancestors in the halls of Valhalla.

What happens next is so disgusting it will make your skin crawl and your butthole clench. In fact, you’ll clench all your orifices just to be sure.

Something emerges from within the corpse, and it’s not a soul. It turns out that the mantis had fallen victim to a nope worm (scientific name Nematomorpha Killitwithfireus).

Sadly, the video ends before we can determine if our hero is able to exterminate the parasite. We can only hope he has a flamethrower with a full tank. And bombs. Lots and lots of bombs.

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