An aye-aye lemur is a small primate found in Madagascar. They have huge ears and an extra long, bony, witch-like middle finger. The creepy finger is used to detect, retrieve, and feast on the insects and grubs found living inside trees.

An aye-aye

An aye-aye. This thing looks like it belongs in a sci-fi or fantasy movie. Don’t stare too long, it might hypnotize you.
Photo by James Joel

In the dead of night, the aye-aye wanders slowly along a tree trunk. Using its skeletal middle finger it taps on the bark and listens for the sound the wood makes. It’s searching for hidden tunnels within the tree, in which a juicy grub or insect might live.

When the aye-aye detects the target location it chews through the bark with its massive ever-growing teeth to expose the hidden tunnel. Inserting its finger into the hole like a dipstick or flexible fishing gaff it probes for prey. Any grubs found inside the tunnel get the ultimate middle finger when they are hooked on the aye-aye’s nasty fingernail.