By now, we all know that you can’t believe everything you see on the internet. With more and more people using Photoshop to enhance their photos, it’s difficult to tell if an amazing picture is actually real or fake. Although the following incredible images may seem unbelievable, they were not manipulated at all. A mixture of perfect timing, optical illusions and just flat-out insane nature is how they were created. Sit back, and have your mind blown!

Desaturated Santa

SantaCon is an annual event where attendees dress up like Santa or other Christmas characters and gather for a pub crawl in several cities around the world.

One year, Brody dressed up as the black-n-white Santa pictured below, and she really looks pops out against the sea of regular Santas.

She looks as if all her color had been washed away, and you probably think the photo must have been altered, but the photo is real and has not been manipulated.

How did she do it? First, Brody bought a sewing pattern for a Santa suit and made it out of dark gray fabric. Then she brought the gray fabric to a cosmetics supply store so they could color-match it with makeup for her skin. Finally, came a gray wig and contact lenses.