Everyone from children to grandmas (and even orangutans) delight in a good magic trick. The bewilderment at seeing the impossible being done before our eyes. We love the feeling so much that we actually want to be fooled. Part of the beauty of a great magic trick lies in the mystery. In not knowing how it was done. The phrase “A magician never reveals his secrets” is more than just a saying. New inductees to the international magicians’ guild the ‘Magic Circle’ must swear solemn oaths of secrecy, vowing never to share the details of their illusions with the world.

But I’m not a magician, and I’ve sworn no oaths of secrecy. So I’m sharing this video that reveals the secrets leaked by a real magician. Because even though magic is fascinating to me, it’s still annoying when I can’t work it out and I know I’m not the only one. I love these videos that show how the tricks are done because the ideas themselves are so clever!

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